Project Leader 项目

发布时间: 2013-7-30
招聘人数: 1
工作地点: 福山区
学历要求: 大专
语言要求: 英语
工作年限: 3
岗位职责: Target of the position:Work closely with other departments of VMIY to complete projects within required delivery time, budget and specification. Position: Report directly to the manager of project department and provide leadership to each project. Responsibilities:(1)Ensuring and monitoring that project is executed within required delivery time, budget and specification. On receipt of the order the Project leader is responsible for ensuring that the order information is complete and correct to allow the product to be produced according to the customer specification and to good production practices. (2)Ensure correct use of control plan for every project;Give feedback to Engineering department on design changes;Carry out pre acceptance on every project;Report the project complete to the project manager(3)Monitor on progress of delivery time;Ensure corrective actions on delays;Adjust planning after ensulting OC department;Report progress to the project manager and OC department (4)Monitor on costs and profit;Analysis on differences from budget;Ensure corrective actions on overruns; Claim extra costs;Report results to the project manager and OC department
资格要求: (1)Mechanical or electrical related educational background; (2)Three years above work experience on project related works in machinery company; (3)Strong communication skills and can provide leadership for each project; (4)Fluent English, can communicate freely with colleagues in VMI Holland. 此岗位请发送邮件到


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